“Eclectic TLV”, Art Group Exhibition - Explores the eclectic style of Tel Aviv, the historical architecture and the local characters all over the years.
The exhibition presents black & white architectural photos, which reflect unique local geometry of streets and buildings in Tel-Aviv, focusing in harmony of old and modern.
Eclectic style buildings are a beautiful heritage from the beginnings of 30s of the previous century.
Every building is a historical figure (persona) turned into an icon.
Each icon is made of: Architectural elements, the Image of the building, Historical owner and Characteristics details of Tel-Aviv nowadays.
While “playing” with the images and the details of the city, playing cards were born.
Portraits of eclectic style buildings perform the roles of kings and queens.
12 icons of eclectic style buildings, more than 30 black & white photographs and playing cards can be purchased during the exhibition. All art works are a limited edition.

Exhibition Editor's: Nataliya Kogan – Photographer, Ella Cohen – Multidisciplinary designer.

All pictures were printed in only one copy. All works were sold.